The Pink Button Tree – the meaning behind the name

When I named my blog in 2011 I chose ‘The Pink Button Tree’. I wanted to create a name with real meaning which would be my identity, define what my blog was about and for it to be a focus of the vision of this space. It wasn’t created in an instant but when I found it I knew it was right. I’ve explained name to family and friends early on, but I haven’t expressed its meaning in detail here. As my life goes through a change and my blog is evolving what better time to share with you the meaning behind my blog as it moves to its next stage. If you’ve wondered why I call my blog The Pink Button Tree read on…


It is one of my favourite colours. I love it in every shade, from vibrant pinks through to pale pastels. I love vintage pink roses and peonies, pretty pink cardigans and patterned scarves, and love pink gingham and floral fabrics. I am always drawn to the colour pink. Wearing the colour makes me happy, gives me energy and makes me feel uplifted…it makes me smile. I want to make you smile, feel uplifted and inspired by reading my blog.


For me a button is a symbol of simple creativity. A practical and useful fastening, it brings things together allowing them to be whole and to work as they were destined to. My blog is about how I’m learning simple crafts and getting creative. I want to talk to you about how I’m learning, show you my practical handmade projects and approaches, with the hope that they will inspire you to bring more creativity into your life.


For me the tree symbolises the journey of my life. A tree grows from one small seed and gradually over time, uses the energy and resources surrounding it to grow into something stronger, bigger, becoming something that lives beyond our own lifetime. I like to think of this tree as a cherry tree. It grows from a seed, changes with the seasons during its life, it blossoms, it grows fruit enabling it to pass on its seeds, allowing others to grow…

…When I was about 9 years old our school were involved in planting saplings in a local park. We were all invited to plant a tree in the park. We were able to choose what tree we wanted to plant, I chose a cherry tree as I loved the idea of growing a tree with pretty blossoms with the potential of growing fruit. As I’ve grown up I’ve tried to visit the tree to check how it is growing. However gradually over time as I’ve grown up, I’ve moved away from home and I’ve missed regular visits to the park. The last time I looked I had lost the exact location of my tree, there were so many other trees growing around the same space making it hard to find…but I knew it was there, I just needed to try and find it again…

…After arriving home from a life changing three month trip abroad at the start of 2011, I realised that there was something missing in my life, something I once had, but something that got lost as I went along life’s journey… I’d lost my creativity and had left behind my creative hobbies and passions in the years I was studying and working. Just like the tree in the park, my creativity got lost, it became masked from view as other things grew bigger around it…While I was away travelling I decided that I wanted to reinvigorate something in me, to try and find my creativity again. When I came home from my trip I decided that I wanted to plant a new seed in my life and grow a new tree. I wanted to bring new creative handmade passions into my life, to keep learning, growing and developing…I rediscovered my creative passions that I learnt when I was young, and have spent the years since then growing my creative skills, my interests and dedicating time to reflect on how I want to grow and develop. I’ve become super passionate about photography, gardening, sewing, crochet, knitting, making things for our home, documenting my life, and sharing things that inspire me…I’ve let myself grow and have dedicated more time to being creative…it has brought me huge happiness.

…I want to continue growing and feeding the tree with my energy and enthusiasm, keeping a close look on how it is growing so I don’t ever lose it again…I want to share my creative journey with you, talk about the bumps in the road, the different directions my journey is taking me, and the seasons of change that I experience as I grow my creative passions…I want to continue to grow my skills, to live life to the full, and pass on my thoughts, how-to’s and inspirations. I want to pass on a seed to you…to inspire you to grow a life yourself, that’s creative, simple, fulfilling and handmade by you.

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