Life at the moment :: Summer

Durdle Door

It’s been just over two months since I have shared in this space. The summer has felt like it has come, gone, and come back again just in time for the August bank holiday weekend! As we near the end of the summer my heart drifts back to this space to share my musings once again. Life at the moment over the summer months has felt like it has been shaped by my job change and my day to day routine looking a little different. It has taken time to adjust to the new pace of my week, the fullness of each working day, and the amount of different things I manage to achieve during the week days. Weekends have been time to spend at home, potter in the garden, enjoy our home and time to visit places close by. It has been a season of taking it easy and doing simple things.

Life at the moment has been about…

…Visiting…new places with Mr C and Juno. We had a long weekend away to Wells then Dorset and stayed in lovely dog friendly inns, ate delicious food and were treated to sunny weather for most of the weekend. It was the first trip Juno has had to the seaside and she loved digging in the sand.

…Celebrating…passing the probationary period in my new job.

…Re-organising…and tidying my creative studio in our attic room to remove the clutter and simplify the space.

Juno on the beach

…Doing…just one thing at a time to focus and slow down.

…Making…plans for the next few months this year, to see family, friends and schedule in a few things to enjoy over the weekends.

…Playing…with Juno. We are loving her mannerisms, head tilts and getting to know her more and more. She is now 9 months old.

…Feeling…so happy for my brother and his fiancé. This summer they have got engaged and are making plans for moving to their new home together.

…Printing…photos for my Project Life album and making a start on my monthly documentation for the year.

…Buying…a few new books that have been on my wishlist for a very long time and savouring them page by page.

…Deciding…to develop my skills further in NLP. This week I’ve signed up to join a Master NLP Practitioner course starting in late September run by the same college that I started my training with. I’m really looking forward to it.

…Feeling…a real sense of purpose and and being so proud of the company I work for.

…Watching…our garden grow and thrive. It has been a never ending job to keep an eye on the slugs and snails that have multiplied in the rainy weather but it has been worth it. I wasn’t quite as lucky with the caterpillars who have munched through many of our cabbages. I’ve learnt more about growing my own this year than ever before.


…Harvesting…lettuce, beans, beetroot, carrots, courgettes, and herbs from our garden and greenhouse.

…Noticing…the changes in light levels throughout the summer.

…Waiting…patiently for a week off on holiday in September. It will be our first full week off together since Christmas and we are heading to Abergavenny for the famous food festival and to explore the Brecon Beacons.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2017
…Establishing…my new morning routine. I’ve spent the past two weeks making head space and creating time to gently reconnect to my creative passions that I have put on pause for the past few months whilst I settle into my new job.

…Shaping…new ideas for my long term career ambitions and being ok with changes to the plans I had thought about and action earlier in the year.

…Enjoying watching the skies above our home fill with hot air balloons for the International Balloon Fiesta.

Capturing the Details :: Spring – Mapping my journey of change through images


Discovering life from a different view point can be refreshing. Getting up close with the detail and taking a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day to capture the details, is my way of creating space for me and allows me to spend time being creative. Photography is my way of making a mindful moment in my day and is one of my passion projects that has been part of my life for many years. Many of these images have been captured in our small urban garden over the past few months and others have been captured in spaces very close by to our home. From the flowering of magnolia trees, blossom on trees, and bluebell season, through to the chives in our herb garden flowering most recently in the past few weeks…I’ve got up close, decided to see things at a different level. I’ve looked up, I’ve looked down, and hunted for details that I wanted to capture. The summer feels so very close with the astronomical summer season starting next week. We’ve had sunshine filled days and warmth over the past week that has enabled our garden to burst with greenery. Today I thought it was time to share my photos captured of nature this Spring that I really love and also connect you to how I have mapped and journeyed through change through images I’ve captured and shared…

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Life at the moment :: Musings from February and March

It has taken until this week to feel ready to write…how can I explain this most recent break from this space?…I thought best by telling you a few updates from me…Part of my own mindful practice is to appreciate what I have been doing each month, to document life where I can through photos to capture my memories, and to reflect on my thoughts and feelings through my ‘life at the moment’ musings. The past few months have seen some lows and big highs and I’ve needed a break from the digital space…I’m taking a step forwards to being back here to share my updates with you today.

Life at the moment has been about…

Juno in February
Welcoming…our newest member to our family, say hello to our beautiful puppy Juno…she joined us at the end of January and is settling in so well, growing so quickly, filling our life with new routines, change, patience and so much learning. Mr C grew up on a farm with a Jack Russell in his life and now we have one in our own…

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Creating a new foundation chain


I’m someone who loves working on and completing a project, for me it is about feeling the sense of achievement and seeing the results, that spurs me on to get to the finish point. During the summer months I spent most of my spare time making handmade items for our wedding day. The feelings associated with the starting phase of a project, seeing it take shape, then completing it, and using it as part of our day, gave me the drive and desire to continue making things that have a purpose and meaning. At this time of year as the weather is turning colder and the days are shorter, I am drawn towards snuggling on the sofa under a blanket and picking up a comforting project, this tends to involve crochet or knitting. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to pick up my crochet hook again.

I started making a crochet ripple blanket a few years ago and remembered how much I adored the gentle, rhythmic rise and fall of the ripples and the stitch formation. I loved the project at the start but after some time I decided to put the project aside. The reason being that there was a row in particular that I had crocheted that I was unhappy with. I had crocheted a row using a red wool and at the time of creating the row and those around it, I hadn’t noticed the impact that it had made. When I took a step back and looked at the blanket in full all I could see in front of me was the red row that stood out. The rows of colours I had created just before looked ok, and those after it were ok too, but the red row I had crocheted just didn’t fit the tone and feel of the blanket, and so I popped the project away in a work in progress basket and let it be…

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Life at the moment – November


My desk and Get to Workbook
The month of November for me was all about getting back in to the swing of things after having a few weeks off work for our wedding and honeymoon. I’ve allowed myself time and space to get my head back into the day to day after a few months of having our wedding at the forefront of my mind, and sculpting my weekends and evenings throughout the late summer months.

November was a wonderful month full of catch ups with friends, looking through our wedding memories and taking moments to stop, plan and sort out our home. The beginning of December has already moved at quite a pace and I can’t quite believe we are nearing the end of the year.

I love capturing memories and documenting what I’ve been doing…Here’s a little insight into my life at the moment and what I have been up to during the past month or so…

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My journey so far…


Autumn moments
This is where I stand…It’s Autumn and my favourite time of year. The autumnal months for me evoke feelings of fresh starts, a new momentum gathers inside of me, and I relish the chance to embrace and notice change.

For Mr C and I Autumn is now marked by something extra special in our lives…on Saturday 8th October we got married! We celebrated by creating a personalised day that was full of details and moments that we will cherish forever. Preparing for the day was a real adventure, it took courage, planning, problem solving, drive and dedication. The past five months have been one of the most impactful journeys I have experienced in my life so far. The moments experienced during this time have given me a huge push and a wake up call to move forwards with what I want to do. I wanted to tell you all about it, so I’d recommend grabbing a big cup of tea, a blanket, and a yummy piece of cake as I bring you up to speed with a few things that have recently happened on my journey so far…

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A moment in bloom :: my summer

Scented roses
I look back at my last blog post from June, my manifesto, and where I was at that point in the year. It feels like such a long time ago and an extended summer break from this space that I love. I’m gradually heading back as I come out of a full few months of completing once in a lifetime experiences that I will treasure…

As I sit here writing this in our attic room I can see evidence of what the summer has been for me this year. There are beautiful origami cranes, delicately strung on fishing line waiting to be packaged up ready to be hung in our marquee. I see a pile of bunting triangles ready to be packed up into the box in an array of colours. I see a list of ideas and tasks that I thought would barely be touched and see it getting shorter every week. I see my planner documenting all that I am doing as my way of motivating myself and keeping myself on track. I see a copy of our wedding invitation that took time to make and concept. I see other small handmade projects and the supplies waiting to be assembled and their final visions accomplished. I see a pile of books on my shelf that helped me learn all that I needed for the courses I’ve taken, enabling me to complete and pass both elements…It’s been a wonderful ride through creativity, thought and personal growth…

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Musings :: thoughts from the past year…and plans for the year ahead



I’m writing this on the day before my birthday, taking a little time for quiet contemplation and reflection. As I grow older the years begin to merge and time seems to pass, and so for me taking a moment to sit back and reflect is important. Like the blossom in this photo, this year I’ve felt that I’ve come out of a hibernation that I have been in for a few years and have started to awaken from a slumber.

Whilst sitting at the train station this morning I was overcome with thoughts and reflections on the year that has been, and I felt a deep excitement for the year to come, and so I started to jot them down…I invite you to grab a cup of hot tea, settle in for a few minutes and read my musings of the year that has been, and the plans I have for the year ahead…


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Blossom awakening

Like the blossom on trees and spring flowers starting to appear, my time of dormancy is coming to an end. It’s time to awaken…You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet over here and there are good reasons for that. I made the decision to take advantage of winter, the time of year when hibernation is part of the natural seasonal cycle. Hibernation brings with it the chance to focus energy where it is needed most. Perhaps for me this winter has meant a focus of energy on my roots, of who I am, what I do and what I plan to make happen this year. It has felt the very best way to spend my time and has given me the much needed energy to begin our wedding plans, make changes to my day job and focus on my personal development of becoming a life and business coach…

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He asked…and I said yes!

Engagement in December

I find this time of year really magical, maybe it’s all the fairy lights, candles, pretty decorations and get togethers with family and friends that make me feel grateful for all that I have… I’ve been trying to write this post in my mind for the past few weeks and it has almost been too exciting for me to put it into words… but the time has arrived to write and to share some lovely news with you… Mr C and I are engaged!

He proposed over a delicious brunch on Saturday 12th December! He knew I wouldn’t suspect anything would happen, especially as he asked me on his birthday! On the day Mr C proposed we had been together for 7 years 10 months and 2 days… I wasn’t sure if the day would ever arrive! I knew that I wanted to spend my life with him (the day I met him…but enough with the soppy!) and I had hoped that one day he would decide it was time to take the next step. Each day it sinks in more and more and I realise we are about to embark on the next part of our journey of life together. I’m so incredibly excited…

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