Capturing Autumn

Autumn leaves

Making time to pick up my camera and capture nature’s details is one of my favourite things to do. Autumn is such a wonderful time to capture the colours changing, to discover details in plants I’ve never spotted before and to document the changing landscape of plants around me. Taking photos of plants is a way that I can express my creativity, to escape from what I am doing day to day, and for me it is a meditative activity that enables me to connect to nature and to appreciate the details.¬†Over the past few weeks I’ve captured the colours and details of Autumn…

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In our garden :: April

Planting up in our greenhouse
Ooh at last the sun is out, the warmth of spring has arrived and it’s time to get back out into the garden. With the draw of the wonderfully sunny warm weather last weekend my mind has been dreaming of what our garden will produce this year. Last summer we bought a greenhouse and this is my first time I’ve had to make the most of it during spring.

A few weeks ago I spent a Sunday afternoon weeding our garden, preparing the raised beds, tidying our greenhouse and setting up our garden space for a season of planting. One hour became five as I tidied our space and lost track of time, only realising the time when the light levels started to drop. I started planting a few seeds that weekend to make a start on the growing process.

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September and October in our garden



We have had a glorious end to the summer with both the end of September and start of October experiencing sunny skies and a final touch of warmth last week. I’m wasn’t too sure how much longer the weather would last so this weekend I headed out into the garden to see how things were looking. I’m glad I did as the weather has turned to rain and windy today. I realised that it has been a while since I updated you on our garden and what things have been growing.

I feel very lucky to have the garden and the space we have. The light is fantastic and becomes a little sun trap early afternoon. This summer I haven’t spent as long as I would have liked in the garden however the time I have spent has been productive. I’m guilty of not keeping a pristine garden that is ¬†perfectly manicured all the time but one that I let go of! Here is the evidence from back in late August…

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We have a greenhouse!



After a few months of pondering and saving we have at last bought a greenhouse! It’s been a while waiting (since April) but we took the plunge and ordered one. It arrived at the end of last week and Mr C and I spent Saturday building it.

I have chosen a Palram Harmony polycarbonate greenhouse, measuring 6ft by 6ft. It took some time to decide whether to have glass or polycarbonate but eventually we decided that polycarbonate would be the best option for us.
On Saturday morning I opened up the boxes, finding the 52 page instruction manual and then realising that there were 458 pieces to put together (this included nuts and bolts!). I’m not going to deny it, I started to feel a quite out of my depth! I’m generally a really practical person and almost get a kick out of building furniture and following step by steps in whatever I do, however this was a little different in terms of scale and size of anything that I’ve made before.
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July in our garden


Mini Dahlias

It’s been a busy month for our garden with lots of change happening each week. I’m loving being able to spend a few hours each weekend in our garden, pottering and tinkering with our space. It’s starting to feel like a little haven that I’m gradually shaping into a garden that I love.

In the garden this month…

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Urban gardening – Creating a doorstep container


 photo IMG_3329_zpsx0yuqs0p.jpg

Over the past month or so I’ve been gradually planting up pots, moving plants and transforming our garden spaces. The weather has been amazing and I’m at long last experiencing what it is like to garden with light and heat! In our previous home we had a courtyard garden that was quite shady however we now have a front and back garden space to tend to, I’m trying to be much better with watering than I have ever been as in the warm weather everything drys out so quickly.

I thought it would be a good time to tell you a little bit more about my gardening journey as it is becoming a real interest and a hobby. I’m spending more time listening to things about gardening and planting, watching TV programmes about gardens and reading books and blogs. Over the next month or so you’ll see a flurry of posts about our garden so I hope that you will enjoy my little series.

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April in our urban garden

At times our garden feels pretty bare, we’re in a stage where we are clearing space for new plants and a new garden design whilst trying to spot what plants are part of the garden we have inherited. I hope to be able to keep as much of the current planting as I can moving forwards and just add to it. Here are a few of the plants currently making an appearance in our space.
Bright yellow crocus making an appearance…
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Garden plans – How we will use our urban garden

Last week was National Gardening Week and for me it meant spending time with a few new books and working out a few more things in our garden. I thought I’d tell you about our garden and the plans we have started to make for our space.

With the weather warming my attention has once again become focused on our garden. For us our garden space is perfectly sized for us and what we want to do at this point in our lives. Mr C and I work full-time and so we wanted a space that meant we could give it the attention and time it needs to be maintained as well as being able to sit alongside our other interests.
Our garden has already seen a change from this…

to this…

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Getting outside in our garden

It’s March already! Where did February go? For me it went by in a bit of a blur, with busy times at work surrounding a fortnight of being unwell with a flu-like virus. It’s been month of trying to catch up on tasks. I’m pleased to say I’m almost back on top form, I’m still feeling a little tired at times but at last I really do feel like myself again. Woo hoo, I’m back! With the return of my energy and a clear head, I have felt a renewed enthusiasm and desire to make a start on a few key projects for the year.

Over the weekend I was planning on preparing our spare room to do some re-decorating but the allure of the mildish weather on Saturday took over. At last after months of waiting, it was time to get out in the garden and take the first step to kick start our garden project.
Gardening is one of my real loves, it’s a hobby I adore and one that I can happily spend all day outside doing. Last September we moved house, leaving behind our unique sunken courtyard garden and a life of container gardening. We now have a lovely south-facing outside garden with soil, plenty of light, more space, and a garden surrounded by three walls that create a great feature of the space.

The space at the moment is looking a little unloved and we have planned to overhaul the garden we have inherited from the previous owners and make it our own. At the back of the house we’re planning on replacing or refurbishing the rendering on the back of our house, laying a new patio and making the garden more functional that fits more closely to our taste.

I’ve been wanting to get out in the garden for a while but the cold weather has really put me off. It’s been so hard seeing the garden so sad and unloved, I didn’t get round to planting any bulbs at the end of last year so all my pots are empty but there are a few crocuses starting to appear in the beds already in the garden.

Overhauling the garden space is a big job and you have to start somewhere. For me it meant starting to remove the overgrown plants that have started to take over the space.
This is what our garden looked like before I started:

And here it is a little later…

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November in our garden – Winter window boxes


Our window boxes needed a new set of plants after the geraniums eventually finished flowering a few weeks ago. This year I decided to try again with cyclamen to see if they would survive in the window boxes in a different location. These little plants can be a bit temperamental and can have a tendency to die if they don’t like the conditions.

I went to our local garden centre and selected bright red and white cyclamen to fill our three window boxes. I love these colours together for winter flowers, they feel really Christmassy. I planted two red cyclamen and one white cyclamen into each window box, and added a few pieces of variegated ivy to each window box to add an extra element to the arrangement.

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