Capturing the Details :: Spring – Mapping my journey of change through images


Discovering life from a different view point can be refreshing. Getting up close with the detail and taking a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day to capture the details, is my way of creating space for me and allows me to spend time being creative. Photography is my way of making a mindful moment in my day and is one of my passion projects that has been part of my life for many years. Many of these images have been captured in our small urban garden over the past few months and others have been captured in spaces very close by to our home. From the flowering of magnolia trees, blossom on trees, and bluebell season, through to the chives in our herb garden flowering most recently in the past few weeks…I’ve got up close, decided to see things at a different level. I’ve looked up, I’ve looked down, and hunted for details that I wanted to capture. The summer feels so very close with the astronomical summer season starting next week. We’ve had sunshine filled days and warmth over the past week that has enabled our garden to burst with greenery. Today I thought it was time to share my photos captured of nature this Spring that I really love and also connect you to how I have mapped and journeyed through change through images I’ve captured and shared…

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Capturing the details :: Winter


I love cultivating and living a creative and wholesome life through the seasons. As part of my winter manifesto I wanted to capture the details of winter, and for me this has meant getting outside and braving the cold weather. Over the past few months I’ve spent time reconnecting with my love of photography and plants. Photography is a way for me to be creative, to notice the details of the season, and to capture the moment. I love trying to see things from a different angle or perspective and sometimes use these prompts from nature to think more creatively.

The seasons for me act like signposts, giving a hint to how to we can be living during the season. This winter has been about resting when I can, and taking the time to hibernate. There have been frosty mornings, golden light, morning dew clinging to plants, blue skies and empty branches, and a gentle palette of winter tones.

We are on the cusp of a seasonal change into spring. Warmer days are becoming more frequent, daffodils are growing and are ready to flower, and snowdrops and purple crocus starting to make an appearance in our garden. But before the shift happens I wanted to share with you some of the images I have been capturing this winter season that I love…

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Creating a new foundation chain


I’m someone who loves working on and completing a project, for me it is about feeling the sense of achievement and seeing the results, that spurs me on to get to the finish point. During the summer months I spent most of my spare time making handmade items for our wedding day. The feelings associated with the starting phase of a project, seeing it take shape, then completing it, and using it as part of our day, gave me the drive and desire to continue making things that have a purpose and meaning. At this time of year as the weather is turning colder and the days are shorter, I am drawn towards snuggling on the sofa under a blanket and picking up a comforting project, this tends to involve crochet or knitting. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to pick up my crochet hook again.

I started making a crochet ripple blanket a few years ago and remembered how much I adored the gentle, rhythmic rise and fall of the ripples and the stitch formation. I loved the project at the start but after some time I decided to put the project aside. The reason being that there was a row in particular that I had crocheted that I was unhappy with. I had crocheted a row using a red wool and at the time of creating the row and those around it, I hadn’t noticed the impact that it had made. When I took a step back and looked at the blanket in full all I could see in front of me was the red row that stood out. The rows of colours I had created just before looked ok, and those after it were ok too, but the red row I had crocheted just didn’t fit the tone and feel of the blanket, and so I popped the project away in a work in progress basket and let it be…

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Capturing Autumn

Autumn leaves

Making time to pick up my camera and capture nature’s details is one of my favourite things to do. Autumn is such a wonderful time to capture the colours changing, to discover details in plants I’ve never spotted before and to document the changing landscape of plants around me. Taking photos of plants is a way that I can express my creativity, to escape from what I am doing day to day, and for me it is a meditative activity that enables me to connect to nature and to appreciate the details. Over the past few weeks I’ve captured the colours and details of Autumn…

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Inspired by…A wall of feel good messages

Inspiration wall

Wherever I have lived I have always tried to create a space that shows elements of my personality and inspires me. Throughout university I decorated my bland walls with colour and images that spoke to me, creating a space that that reminded me of what I love and things that made me smile. I clearly remember a motivational board that I put together in a clip frame at university that came with me everywhere I lived.

I’m spending a few hours today in my creative space and I wanted to share with you my inspiring wall of feel good messages that I’ve been collecting over the past year or so. Each one motivates or connects to me in different ways and this week I added a few new postcards so it was a perfect time to tell you about this space I have created.

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Getting creative with my DSLR camera



Last Sunday I went on a photo walk as part of the Worldwide Instameet. I joined around 20 others in Bristol who love using Instagram. Waking up on Sunday morning I felt nervous but excited to be getting involved. We all met at St Nicholas Market in central Bristol and were lucky to be greeted by a morning of wonderful weather, fantastic light and surrounded by enthusiastic photographers. I was so glad to see a group of people had formed by the time I had reached our meeting point. There were familiar faces that popped out from the group too which was comforting. The plan was to take photos of the details of Bristol that people may not normally see or associate with the city and upload them to Instagram with the hashtags #WWIM12 and #igmeetbristol_details.

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Designing my own patchwork quilt


Quilt blocks

Over the past few months I’ve been working on my own design for a patchwork quilt. I adore patchwork quilts and love working with and selecting patterned fabric. Making my own patchwork quilt for our home has been on my wish list for some time now. I have made basic patchwork quilts for other people and really enjoyed the process. I wanted to make a more complex patchwork quilt this time and have a sewing project that I have put my heart and soul into that is completely unique and something that would look great in our home.

I’m in the early stages of the quilt project and have so far designed three patchwork quilt blocks, each measuring 12 inches by 12 inches as a finished size. I’m not quite sure what the next phase of this project will be, I may continue to design a few more blocks or I may create a design that works around a central block or design. I want to keep it simple so that I finish the project but I’d love to experiment a little and make it a handmade project that I can be very proud of.

I’m using the Scrumptious fabric range by Bonnie and Camille and have selected the pink, red and mint colours out of the fabric range. I’m taking time to gradually work on this project to create the quilt blocks, sometimes cutting the fabric in a different sitting than the sewing. My favourite part is the sewing and piecing together the design and so far I have made nine 12 inch blocks.

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Crochet progress

My eyes have been opened wider than before, the books I have are starting to make sense, and I’m beginning to read the diagrams and understand the written patterns…I’m talking about the world of crochet that seems to be opening up in front of me and at last starting to make sense. Last night I came back from my crochet class fired up and raring to move forward with my crochet hobby. Something happened during the class and everything I’ve been doing so far started to click into place…

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Making a start on my Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

In the summer I wrote about a sampler quilt that I wanted to make for our home using a fabric collection called Happy-Go-Lucky by Bonnie and Camille. It seems a really long time ago now but having unpacked a few more boxes, caught up with our friends and family, and my day job being a little less busy, I decided to finally make a start on this quilt project. Sewing a quilt is a perfect project to start in the winter, the rainy and cold days can be spent selecting bright fabrics, drinking tea, listening to the radio and gradually making a quilt block by block.

I have been pretty indecisive with this project and have spent quite a bit of time trying to work out what quilt project I really wanted to make, the choice was between the The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt or Tula Pink’s City Sampler Quilt. Both options contain around 100 blocks to make and have a combination of easy and more challenging quilt blocks. I love both of the sampler quilts and the finished looks you can achieve, so it was a really tough choice. However after a lot of thought I decided to go for the first sampler quilt I had come across, The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt.  A few self-doubt niggles crept in during the decision making process, my main concern when picking this project was whether I am skilled enough to create such a huge and challenging quilt. The idea of piecing together super accurately small pieces does make me a little nervous however sometimes the most challenging and large scale projects can be the most rewarding!

On starting the quilt I decided that it will be a long term project, it isn’t something I’m going to rush through, and I’m not giving myself a specific deadline. I love the idea of having a project like this that I can dip into each month and make the blocks as and when I want to and in whatever order I fancy! There are 111 in total so there are plenty to choose from.

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My two-sided patchwork cushion cover

Over the past few years I have handmade cushion covers for our home. I love having my own handmade cushions in our home and enjoy how they look on our teal coloured sofas. I get a lot of pleasure each time I plump up the cushions knowing that I’ve made them myself and that they are unique.
For a number of months I’ve had my heart set on creating a new cushion cover for our snuggler sofa seat in our lounge. I spend a lot of time on the snuggler reading magazines, drinking tea, enjoying a spot of crochet and catching up on reading blogs, so I wanted this cushion cover to be something special for one of my favourite spaces in our home.
Last year I bought some fabric specifically for making handmade projects for our home. The fabric collection was put together using a mix of navy, teal and grey patterned fabrics. I wanted to use these fabrics to make the new cushion cover. I decided that this project would be something different and I was keen to create a patchwork cushion cover to include all the patterned fabrics that I love and to try out new techniques of piecing fabrics together. I wanted to make something that wasn’t piecing squares and I wanted to create my own patchwork design rather than take it from a book.
I decided to embark on making a two-sided patchwork cushion cover. I knew that one side of the cushion was going to be randomly sized rectangles but I wasn’t too sure what the other side would be. After some deliberation I decided that equilateral triangles would be a good contrast, I really love the way they look in other projects I’ve seen.
I spent time recently at my sewing machine finishing the cushion and I’m really pleased with the result.

I love the way the colours and patterns work together…


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