About Me

thumb_img_3289_1024Hi. My name is Lucy. I live in the fantastic city of Bristol in the UK with my partner Mr C. I started The Pink Button Tree in November 2011 following a life changing year. I took three months off from my full time job to go on a trip I’d been dreaming of for over 10 years.

Whilst being alone and travelling through Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia I had a realisation that something huge was missing in my life at home, I knew I wanted to bring creativity back into my life and learn new creative things.

I work full time in the media industry and have the fantastic and busy job recruiting people into the job of their dreams. These talented people get to explore their passions as part of their day job, to write, to create and immerse themselves in their specialist industry.  I knew that whilst my job gives me some great highs and I enjoy it, I was not always fitting in things that I love during my spare time that give me a real buzz. I wanted to make a big change and become more creative.

After a summer of thinking and planning I started my journey of bringing creativity into my life. I started The Pink Button Tree to blog about things that make me happy and make me smile. My aim is to inspire you to bring creativity into your life. I’ll tell you how I’ve gone about learning new things in the hope that you may take the plunge and do something you really love with your spare time. I’ll show you what I’m doing to make my urban lifestyle simple and fulfilling. I’ll talk about things I love and things I see, and give you an insight into my life…

Over the past few years I’ve learnt to knit, crochet, start an unhealthy passion for fabric, sew, make patchwork quilts, take more photos to capture life, document and my memories through scrapbooking using Project Life, make things for our home, and get so passionate about gardening and growing things I want always want to live somewhere with an even bigger garden!

It’s a handmade and home grown life…it’s simple, it makes me feel free, it makes me feel fulfilled, and it makes me smile.

I truly believe we can all make some time each week for ourselves and dedicate some time for ourselves. I’m here to inspire you to pick up some knitting needles and knit something, or maybe pick up a trowel and plant up a container with herbs and start growing. I’m a huge believer of goal setting and reflection and try to live my life with a few simple rules…do what you love, spend time with people that make you happy and who treat you well, grow your passions, get inspired to try something new, keep learning and growing, and smile. I want you to go away from my blog with a smile on your face and to feel a little inspired to do something different this week, for you.

I’m a goal setter and thrive on achieving things. My long term goals are to one day be a personal and creativity coach, to run or deliver a creative coaching retreat and e-courses based around restoring and finding more creativity in your life, to teach a practical craft, and to write an inspiring and practical book about my story and how anyone can build more creativity into a busy lifestyle and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

I’ve already kick started these goals and I will keep pushing to achieve these, however I don’t see it as a race. I’m planning to initially be a self-taught personal and creativity coach, I’m reading lots of books, taking e-courses and have my own amazing coach who is helping guide me towards achieving my goals. I’m making the most of opportunities to practice my mentoring and coaching skills where I can at work and also with friends.

I plan to eventually take a professional coaching qualification, but for now I think real experience and actually doing is equally important. Rather than being stuck writing assignments each weekend I’d rather be reading, creating, getting outside, talking to friends and people around me about how to be more creative, and to continue to find new great ways to grow my own creativity and share what I do on The Pink Button Tree. You need to be able to practice and have experienced what you’ll preach and deliver to really see if it can work. I’m going to build the core coaching skills alongside experiences I have and eventually make being a coach and a mentor a bigger part of my day job.

My book is being made more of a reality too. I’ve start putting together visual ideas for my book and general areas of content. It is very much a work in progress but it’s a goal I have had for some time and I am determined to achieve publishing a book in my 30s.

I hope you enjoy reading about how I’m making progress and making this more of a reality for me…

Find out why my blog is called The Pink Button Tree.