Capturing the Details :: Spring – Mapping my journey of change through images


Discovering life from a different view point can be refreshing. Getting up close with the detail and taking a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day to capture the details, is my way of creating space for me and allows me to spend time being creative. Photography is my way of making a mindful moment in my day and is one of my passion projects that has been part of my life for many years. Many of these images have been captured in our small urban garden over the past few months and others have been captured in spaces very close by to our home. From the flowering of magnolia trees, blossom on trees, and bluebell season, through to the chives in our herb garden flowering most recently in the past few weeks…I’ve got up close, decided to see things at a different level. I’ve looked up, I’ve looked down, and hunted for details that I wanted to capture. The summer feels so very close with the astronomical summer season starting next week. We’ve had sunshine filled days and warmth over the past week that has enabled our garden to burst with greenery. Today I thought it was time to share my photos captured of nature this Spring that I really love and also connect you to how I have mapped and journeyed through change through images I’ve captured and shared…

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My Spring Manifesto 2017 :: Reflections

Last year I started a process of writing a manifesto for each season. Living with a manifesto added a layer of appreciation to the small things in my day to day and gave me the opportunity for more focus.  The comfort and familiar cycles of the seasons shaped the year and I began to take more inspiration and cues from nature around me, bringing with it a more considered pace and focus into my life. I started to notice more and felt that I was living life in a more wholesome and wholehearted way. Every season sees a shift, from changes in the weather and the cycles of nature, to the way we connect to our surroundings. It feels like a new chapter begins at the start of each season and I especially love the blurry edges of the seasons as we transition to the next. This beautiful magnolia in bloom was captured one sunny weekend this year and, alongside tree blossom, is what symbolises spring to me…the chance to grow and blossom.

Creating a manifesto each season enables me to declare my intentions for the season ahead. I like to use it to think about what I plan to bring into my life, what to focus on, and how I want to connect to nature and the season I am living in. Each season I want my manifesto to be a way to help me shape my life in a positive, thoughtful and wholesome way. I use it as a guide to enable me to navigate my route forwards. As the season shifts and moves forwards I love noticing what nature is identifying to me in the moment and how I can use those noticings in my day.

This Spring has seen immense change in my life with the start of a new job in an industry that is new to me and close to my heart. It has brought together my skills, experience, my personal interests and a deep sense of purpose working for an organic, ethical and sustainable company. It is pretty much close to a dream job that has taken my 13 year career to get to and I feel that the stars aligned just at the right moment to enable this to happen. This spring I’ve taken time away from many digital outlets and to take a break from this space too. When big change is happening I sometimes decide to step away from sharing, to allow space to contemplate and just be.

In February and March I jotted down a few thoughts and words of what I wanted my Spring Manifesto to be about. Prompted at that time by the impending change in my day job, I’ve noticed that many of the elements came from deep feelings that I had been experiencing at the time that I needed to work through thoughtfully over the season ahead. As we enjoy the warm weather at the start of June and we begin to move towards summer I wanted to share with you my Spring manifesto and what it has been bringing into my life…

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