Musings :: thoughts from the past year…and plans for the year ahead



I’m writing this on the day before my birthday, taking a little time for quiet contemplation and reflection. As I grow older the years begin to merge and time seems to pass, and so for me taking a moment to sit back and reflect is important. Like the blossom in this photo, this year I’ve felt that I’ve come out of a hibernation that I have been in for a few years and have started to awaken from a slumber.

Whilst sitting at the train station this morning I was overcome with thoughts and reflections on the year that has been, and I felt a deep excitement for the year to come, and so I started to jot them down…I invite you to grab a cup of hot tea, settle in for a few minutes and read my musings of the year that has been, and the plans I have for the year ahead…


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In our garden :: April

Planting up in our greenhouse
Ooh at last the sun is out, the warmth of spring has arrived and it’s time to get back out into the garden. With the draw of the wonderfully sunny warm weather last weekend my mind has been dreaming of what our garden will produce this year. Last summer we bought a greenhouse and this is my first time I’ve had to make the most of it during spring.

A few weeks ago I spent a Sunday afternoon weeding our garden, preparing the raised beds, tidying our greenhouse and setting up our garden space for a season of planting. One hour became five as I tidied our space and lost track of time, only realising the time when the light levels started to drop. I started planting a few seeds that weekend to make a start on the growing process.

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Looking back at my winter manifesto

In January I started a new seasonal practice of creating and sharing my seasonal manifesto. With each season it brings with it something new, a new chapter. My word this year is Awaken. I decided that I wanted to awaken more of a connection to the seasons than I have done before, awaken more awareness and awaken my senses.

I take real pleasure from noticing the changes that happen and love the blurry edges of the seasons as they move from one to the next. Over the past few months I’ve been connecting with my winter manifesto, sometimes documenting it through photography and sometimes not. With the signs of spring appearing around me, both meteorological and astronomical calendars ticking over into spring, and the clocks changing, I wanted to share with you what I have documented during that time. Here’s a round up of my winter manifesto and what I brought into my life this season…

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