Inspired by…A wall of feel good messages

Inspiration wall

Wherever I have lived I have always tried to create a space that shows elements of my personality and inspires me. Throughout university I decorated my bland walls with colour and images that spoke to me, creating a space that that reminded me of what I love and things that made me smile. I clearly remember a motivational board that I put together in a clip frame at university that came with me everywhere I lived.

I’m spending a few hours today in my creative space and I wanted to share with you my inspiring wall of feel good messages that I’ve been collecting over the past year or so. Each one motivates or connects to me in different ways and this week I added a few new postcards so it was a perfect time to tell you about this space I have created.

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My Winter Manifesto 2016

My Winter Manifesto 2016

When I was younger I was obsessed by the weather and cloud formations and remember saying at a young age that ‘the sky is like a piece of ever changing art’…at one point in my life I wanted to be a meteorologist…That desire and passion for watching the sky and noticing nature’s changes is a practice that grounds me and sparks a flow of energy inside me. I studied geography at school, sixth form college, and then a masters degree for four years of my life. Despite not using the content of my studies in my day job, my passion for landscapes and understanding the natural features of the world lights me up and is with me unconsciously everyday. Noticing the changes in temperature, light, the weather, and plants during the year allows me to connect with nature. I’m sure we all do this is some way, don’t we. For me having this connection really helps spark creative ideas and bring these thoughts into what I love to do and how I live my life.

Each season brings with it something new, a new chapter. I take real pleasure from noticing the changes and love the blurry edges to the seasons as they move to the next. My word this year is Awaken and with this in mind I have decided that I want to awaken more of a connection to the seasons than I have done before. I want to awaken more awareness and I want to awaken my senses.

To help me achieve this I’m writing a manifesto for each season of the year. A manifesto for me is a statement that pulls together my thoughts and the key things that what I want to get out of the season ahead and to help act as a guide. For me it’s about thinking of the simple pleasures I love during the season, celebrating what the season brings, creating direction, actions, and practical and achievable intentions, with the outcome of connecting more to each season in an intentional and focused way. Life is full and creating a practice to allow myself to intentionally become more mindful is a such a good thing. Living with and observing the seasons is something that I do unconsciously, I adore it, but I want to awaken more of an awareness…

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Awaken :: My One Little Word 2016

One Little Word - Awaken

The word that I have chosen for 2016 is Awaken. I thought my word for 2016 was going to be ‘Thrive’ or ‘Bloom’, as both came to me with great gusto mid-way through last year and for a while they seemed to sit well. However the closer to the end of the year I got the more I felt that there was something missing. Deep down I felt that I needed to awaken before being able to move towards, welcoming a focus of bloom or thrive into my life.

Awaken feels like a word that is powered by positive action and for me signals the activation of something new or waking something inside that is new or that was once there. Simplify, my word for 2015, allowed me to create some space for new things, and created positive changes and approaches in my life. It’s now time to see what Awaken may bring to the year ahead…

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Review of Simplify :: My One Little Word 2015

One Little Word - Simplify

For the past three years I’ve selected a word to bring into my daily life. I’ve not done this alone, I’ve taken an online class and been part of the One Little Word community set up by Ali Edwards. Ali is someone I hugely admire and who inspires me with her creative practice and her approach.

For 2015 my word was ‘Simplify‘. In 2014 my word was ‘Embrace‘ and in 2013 my word was ‘Grow‘. Reflecting on my word from the previous year, and selecting a new word for the year ahead, are some of my favourite rituals I have embedded into January and have become part of my new year routine.

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