We have a greenhouse!



After a few months of pondering and saving we have at last bought a greenhouse! It’s been a while waiting (since April) but we took the plunge and ordered one. It arrived at the end of last week and Mr C and I spent Saturday building it.

I have chosen a Palram Harmony polycarbonate greenhouse, measuring 6ft by 6ft. It took some time to decide whether to have glass or polycarbonate but eventually we decided that polycarbonate would be the best option for us.
On Saturday morning I opened up the boxes, finding the 52 page instruction manual and then realising that there were 458 pieces to put together (this included nuts and bolts!). I’m not going to deny it, I started to feel a quite out of my depth! I’m generally a really practical person and almost get a kick out of building furniture and following step by steps in whatever I do, however this was a little different in terms of scale and size of anything that I’ve made before.
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Simple pleasures…Rain on a Sunday


Rainy Sunday

I woke up this morning and I wanted to share with you one of my simple pleasures. It’s pouring with rain here in Bristol today and when I woke my heart sank a little as I knew I that I wouldn’t be spending lots of time in the garden… a moment or two later I felt immersed in joy, odd I know!

I got up, made a mug of Twinings Everyday tea and just sat listening to the sound of the rain pummelling our home, taking a moment to pause. The opportunity to hunker down during the summer is (hopefully!) a rare thing and taking time to slow down, reflect, plan and enjoy an unexpected day of rain is one of my simple pleasures.

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July in our garden


Mini Dahlias

It’s been a busy month for our garden with lots of change happening each week. I’m loving being able to spend a few hours each weekend in our garden, pottering and tinkering with our space. It’s starting to feel like a little haven that I’m gradually shaping into a garden that I love.

In the garden this month…

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Urban gardening – Creating a doorstep container


 photo IMG_3329_zpsx0yuqs0p.jpg

Over the past month or so I’ve been gradually planting up pots, moving plants and transforming our garden spaces. The weather has been amazing and I’m at long last experiencing what it is like to garden with light and heat! In our previous home we had a courtyard garden that was quite shady however we now have a front and back garden space to tend to, I’m trying to be much better with watering than I have ever been as in the warm weather everything drys out so quickly.

I thought it would be a good time to tell you a little bit more about my gardening journey as it is becoming a real interest and a hobby. I’m spending more time listening to things about gardening and planting, watching TV programmes about gardens and reading books and blogs. Over the next month or so you’ll see a flurry of posts about our garden so I hope that you will enjoy my little series.

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Blogtacular 2015: My key takeaways

 photo Bloggers I met_zps9qslfy88.jpg

On Saturday 13th June I attended my first ever blogging conference. After taking a month off blogging, having a holiday abroad and sitting down at my desk on rainy Sunday I can at last tell you about the experience. It is one that I will never ever forget and I very much hope to repeat next year too. The joy and emotions I felt during the day were off the scale and I felt that I had found a community I really click with and who just get it. I’m sure that for those bloggers reading this you will know what I mean as blogging can be quite a solitary activity, so meeting people face to face who are fellow bloggers and are as passionate about it as you is something really special.

Blogtacular 2015 had a the perfect combination of inspiring speakers, enthusiastic bloggers all held at the stunning Royal Institution. Blogtacular as I mentioned in my last post is “a place for bloggers whose hearts beat with creativity to come together to meet, share and inspire” and it didn’t disappoint. Meeting enthusiastic bloggers has enabled me to reframe what I do, feel more connected with my blog, and appreciate again the hard work that goes into creating content and blogging.

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