Regaining a balance – using my fringe hours



It’s been a busy few weeks hence me having a bit of a blogging break. I am at last back in a place where I feel that I’m re-establishing a balance. I don’t know about you but when I have lots going on it sometimes feels like I don’t get anything finished or achieved, and things I love doing slip off the agenda.

For me over the past month or so my day job has dominated each week. I’ve been working on a few large projects, trying to juggle them with my day to day tasks and changing priorities, it has led to a particularly challenging but interesting month. I’m continually surrounded by changes, a reactive workload and daily shifts in focus that impact on my role. Sometimes it makes me feel that I don’t know if I’m coming or going, as I jump from quick win to quick win but I seem to get lots achieved and I enjoy the challenge.

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From the bookshelf – The Fringe Hours


It’s been a busy month! At last on a Bank Holiday Monday I’ve managed to take a moment to stop and write about a book I mentioned back in March. The Fringe Hours by Jessica N Turner, is a book that I hugely enjoyed, so much so I re-read it again over the past few weeks. I’ve found this book a guiding hand in helping me make the most of my time. I’m someone who has been using my spare time reasonably well for a while but I am always looking to mix things up and find new ideas, The Fringe Hours has helped me do just that.

The Fringe Hours is about how to find time in the day to do things that you love and how we should focus more time on self-care. The book is based on Jessica’s research collated from over 2000 surveys completed by women. It’s a collection of ideas, thoughts and quotes from women showing how they feel about needing time for themselves and how they are using their fringe hours.

Using themes from her research and her own methods of finding time, Jessica has written a book that is divided into four parts – Explore, Discover, Maximise and Live Well. The sections work through a set of stages. Firstly exploring why women don’t tend to prioritise self-care, then discovering what we most want to do in our fringe hours, how to find where the fringe hours are within our own lives, how we can work more activities into our day, and finally how to live a more meaningful and well rounded life using our fringe hours.

What stuck with me most powerfully was the definition of the fringe hours… 

“fringe hours are those little pockets of time throughout the day that often go underused or are wasted altogether” p84

The deeper explanation was just beautiful…

“a fringe hour is literally a limited or appointed piece of time that is found in the margins of a day…The primary definition for fringe is something that is decorative. Think about it: fringe typically makes a piece of clothing, an accessory or and object more beautiful. Fringe does the same of life. Activities and passions pursued during the fringe hours make a life more beautiful and the participant feel more alive and more uniquely herself.” p85

On reading this I felt a rush of warm positive feelings and it made me really see the benefits of taking the time to pursue my passions.

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