April in our urban garden

At times our garden feels pretty bare, we’re in a stage where we are clearing space for new plants and a new garden design whilst trying to spot what plants are part of the garden we have inherited. I hope to be able to keep as much of the current planting as I can moving forwards and just add to it. Here are a few of the plants currently making an appearance in our space.
Bright yellow crocus making an appearance…
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Garden plans – How we will use our urban garden

Last week was National Gardening Week and for me it meant spending time with a few new books and working out a few more things in our garden. I thought I’d tell you about our garden and the plans we have started to make for our space.

With the weather warming my attention has once again become focused on our garden. For us our garden space is perfectly sized for us and what we want to do at this point in our lives. Mr C and I work full-time and so we wanted a space that meant we could give it the attention and time it needs to be maintained as well as being able to sit alongside our other interests.
Our garden has already seen a change from this…

to this…

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Crochet progress

My eyes have been opened wider than before, the books I have are starting to make sense, and I’m beginning to read the diagrams and understand the written patterns…I’m talking about the world of crochet that seems to be opening up in front of me and at last starting to make sense. Last night I came back from my crochet class fired up and raring to move forward with my crochet hobby. Something happened during the class and everything I’ve been doing so far started to click into place…

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Life at the moment


April has arrived and the past few weeks have flown by, with a glorious Easter bank holiday weekend and a week of warm days I’ve at last managed to finally compile this post.

There’s something about this time of the year and those first few days of warmth and sunshine that take me back to spring and summer days of the past. Odd feelings of having to do exam revision vs sitting in the sunshine, and giddy feelings of lighter evenings and feeling more enthused to do things after work, have been bubbling in me this week.

I’ve had a busy few weeks in my day job as projects and workload have ramped up to an all time high. Taking time to write has had a little bit of a back seat but I’m now off work for a week of annual leave so I’m back! I’ve been busy filling the past month or so with lots of things, life at the moment has been about…

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