From the bookshelf…March – the month of self improvement


Over the past few weeks I have fallen in love with reading books again. I read whenever I can fit it in and recently I’ve tried to make it a more prominent part of my daily routine. I read whilst travelling to work by train, when I get home instead of watching TV, and I try to read before I go to bed to take my head away from screen time. I thought it may be great to tell you about the books I currently have by my bed that I’ve recently discovered.

You may have noticed by the titles of these books that they are about self-improvement. My collection of these types of books seems to grow each year and many that I have read have led to profound changes in how I see and do things, sometimes bringing about a shift change in my life. I enjoy reading the ideas, approaches and tips and trying to apply what I’ve read and see if it fits with me and my life. Some of them help me work through things on my mind, and others inspire and deliver great ideas and concepts to weave into my life. I’m always looking to expand my skills and learn new things so these books provide a great way of doing this. I enjoy finding different ways of thinking, hearing about different perspectives, and expanding the way I understand the world and how we as humans deal with what life throws in our path.

In the past month or so I’ve read a number of books…let me tell you a little bit about them..

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My simple pleasure – Spotting the signs of Spring

Spotting Spring flowers and signs of Spring is one of my simple pleasures. Nature is waking from its sleep and a new season is very much on its way. I love these delicate blooms that flower year after year. Over the past month I’ve been taking a few photos of the flowers that I’ve seen, getting down low to get up close and see life from their level.

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Getting outside in our garden

It’s March already! Where did February go? For me it went by in a bit of a blur, with busy times at work surrounding a fortnight of being unwell with a flu-like virus. It’s been month of trying to catch up on tasks. I’m pleased to say I’m almost back on top form, I’m still feeling a little tired at times but at last I really do feel like myself again. Woo hoo, I’m back! With the return of my energy and a clear head, I have felt a renewed enthusiasm and desire to make a start on a few key projects for the year.

Over the weekend I was planning on preparing our spare room to do some re-decorating but the allure of the mildish weather on Saturday took over. At last after months of waiting, it was time to get out in the garden and take the first step to kick start our garden project.
Gardening is one of my real loves, it’s a hobby I adore and one that I can happily spend all day outside doing. Last September we moved house, leaving behind our unique sunken courtyard garden and a life of container gardening. We now have a lovely south-facing outside garden with soil, plenty of light, more space, and a garden surrounded by three walls that create a great feature of the space.

The space at the moment is looking a little unloved and we have planned to overhaul the garden we have inherited from the previous owners and make it our own. At the back of the house we’re planning on replacing or refurbishing the rendering on the back of our house, laying a new patio and making the garden more functional that fits more closely to our taste.

I’ve been wanting to get out in the garden for a while but the cold weather has really put me off. It’s been so hard seeing the garden so sad and unloved, I didn’t get round to planting any bulbs at the end of last year so all my pots are empty but there are a few crocuses starting to appear in the beds already in the garden.

Overhauling the garden space is a big job and you have to start somewhere. For me it meant starting to remove the overgrown plants that have started to take over the space.
This is what our garden looked like before I started:

And here it is a little later…

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