Inspired by…my top 3 favourite crochet blogs

I’ve just spent the past week in bed getting over a nasty flu-like virus which has wiped out almost all my energy. I’ve been in bed sleeping most of the week and in between naps have been reading and watching a few films. It took until late Thursday to feel that I may fancy a bit of hooky time and crochet a granny square or two, it was bliss but I felt pretty tired after about an hour.

I’m feeling less exhausted today and feeling a bit more of myself but think I’m going to have to take things a little slower than normal for a while! As someone who usually juggles quite a few things, I’ve spent the past week and a half learning to really slow down and take my time over things and have tried to listen to my body. It’s been great to slow down and take time over a few things but also frustrating too.

I spent a little bit of time catching up with my favourite blogs this weekend and thought it may be a perfect opportunity to share with you my three favourite crochet blogs that inspire me. Grab a cup of tea and spend a few minutes taking a look at these great blogs, I hope that you will love them as much as I do:

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Life at the moment

It’s been an odd week for me. I’ve been in bed since Thursday with what is quite possibly flu and I am still snuggled in bed today. I’m rarely unwell so it’s times like this when I realise how much strength our bodies have and how much I get done on a normal day.

As usual I don’t like sitting still and try and run before I can walk when trying to get better. I thought I’d give it a bash doing a bit of work from home on Friday, I managed a bit but after a few hours of sitting up at the desk I was totally wiped out and just needed to sleep. Yesterday I got out of bed, did a few little chores round the house and sat on the sofa convinced I’d be better by today. But no, today I’m feeling pretty worn out and unwell. I thought by now the aches and fever would’ve gone but I’m still feeling really rotten and pretty wiped out.

I am determined to post here once a week so I thought I’d do a round up of a few things…so life at the moment for me has been about…

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Loving a bit of hooky time – Crochet update



Oh how I love crochet. Until recently I didn’t realise how much this crafty pursuit pleases me. After I get home from work I sit down and chill out with a cup of decaffeinated tea and enjoy spending an hour or so each weekday evening crocheting. I’m so glad to have found a craft that I can do anywhere, whether it is sitting on the sofa, on a car journey, or at the kitchen table, I love how portable and simple it is. The therapeutic and rhythmic motion of crochet is so relaxing especially when you know what you are doing and no longer need to follow a pattern. I love sitting listening to music or a podcast, or watching a film or TV programme whilst having a bit of hooky time. Recently I’ve found myself spending even more time with a crochet hook and yarn in my hands, it’s a perfect crafty escape that once started doesn’t need too much concentration after a busy day. It really is one of my favourite things at the moment.

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Simplify – My One Little Word for 2015


I have decided to continue for another year to select a word that I want to make more visible in my life. I’ve chosen SIMPLIFY as my One Little Word and I’m excited about what my new word will help me achieve this year. The words I’ve selected for the past few years have played a key role in shaping me as a person and my year ahead. GROW helped me find the things I love and to grow a new seed in my life. EMBRACE enabled me to deal emotionally during a challenging year, embrace the things going on, hold on tight and welcome in change. I’m hoping SIMPLIFY will help me to take a step forward with plans and get to the heart of what lights me up and makes me feel really happy.

It’s my third year of taking Ali Edward’s One Little Word online class. I’m truly inspired by Ali’s approach to this topic, her personal reflections, her style of memory keeping, how she goes about documenting life in photos and words, and how she tells her story. Take a look at this video where she explains so beautifully what her One Little Word class is all about. I’m so proud to be part of this tribe of women selecting a word and making it more visible in our lives.

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