Review of Embrace – My One Little Word 2014

For the past two years I’ve been selecting a word at the beginning of the year and trying to bring my word into my everyday. In 2013 my word One Little Word was ‘grow’ and last January I chose ’embrace’¬†as my word for 2014. The words I’ve had for the past two years have played a key role in helping me shape each year. ‘Grow’ brought with it great change and personal growth, and ’embrace’ has brought with it something different than I had expected. I will admit that it has taken me a while to write about how embrace impacted on my year. It’s near the end of January and it has taken until now to process and work out how to express the past year and the impact of my word. Processing the year and tying up loose ends this month has been a challenge in itself, and then putting it into words another.

When I started to explore the meaning of the word ’embrace’ I saw that it had a range of meanings, including to hold close, to surround, accept willingly, encircle, adopt, accept and welcome. At the start of the project, for me the word embrace meant embracing who I am, what I have grown to be, what I believe in and what I love to do. Embrace meant surrounding myself with, and welcoming things around me, that made me feel good, embracing my ideas, thoughts and plans to push forward, forming my key intentions for the year. But embrace ended up meaning so much more…
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