Life at the moment


Well, December flew by didn’t it! I can’t believe that I have finally managed to sit down and write for the first time in over three weeks. It’s been a busy month!

Life at the moment for me has been about…

Finishing…work and taking time off for two whole weeks, to say that this year has been a challenge feels like an under statement. It’s been the busiest, most challenging and toughest year of my working career. A year of staying strong and just keeping going. I’m now enjoying a well earned break…

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Personalised Homemade Filled Christmas Bauble :: a wedding gift

Last weekend Mr C and I attended the fabulous wedding of our special friends Chris and Clare. Congratulations to the both of you, it was a truly beautiful day! As part of the celebrations we were asked to bring a bauble for the Christmas tree at their wedding. Chris and Clare wanted to have a set of decorations to put on their own tree year after year to remind them of their special day. It’s such a lovely idea!

I wanted to make something personalised and after a bit of thinking I decided to create a personalised filled glass bauble as our contribution to their Christmas tree decorations. I decided that a personalised Christmas bauble would be a lovely gift and that it would enable me to get a bit crafty too! I wanted to make something that was simple and quick to make and to use my Christmas crafty stash.

I asked Clare about what types of colours she would like on her tree and she said she was quite traditional, so I decided to make a filled bauble with a silver, gold and white theme.

I bought a clear glass bauble with a removable top so that I could fill it with whatever I wanted. The size of the top of the bauble is quite small and so it does limit what you can add to it, however it worked perfectly with what I had already planned.

I assembled my Christmas crafting supplies and pulled out a few things from my stash that I thought would work nicely. I found some table confetti in my crafty stash, and selected some gold sequins, silver hearts, gold stars, silver snowflakes and the all important ‘Just Married’ confetti. I loved the combination, it was super pretty and suited the event and the ongoing use of their bauble.


I added some of the confetti to the bauble and filled it up so the bottom of the bauble was covered…

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