Getting some inspiration…patchwork and quilt ideas

The fabric has been bought and now it’s time to decide on the quilt design. I’m not quite sure what I am going make just yet, all I know is that I want to make quilt for our bed. It is going to be a big project and it certainly won’t be a quilt project that I can make in a weekend! I want the project to be challenging and to try out some new patchwork and piecing techniques.

I’ve been busy book marking lovely quilts in my favourite quilt magazine Love Patchwork & Quilting. I’ve bought this gorgeous magazine from issue one and we are now at issue eleven. If you haven’t already taken a look I’d highly recommend buying a copy! Love Patchwork & Quilting has a fantastic fresh design, includes modern quilt designs and inspiring projects. I love the fabric range and colour palettes the magazine uses and adore the round up of new fabrics in the industry. Each time I read it I get so excited and want to make something. I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from the magazine about how I could make my quilt and I am slowly working out ideas of what to do. I think I have about 6 quilts so far that I want to make so I will have to start narrowing down the options!

As I mentioned in my post about buying pre-cuts I have a real love of Camille Roskelley and her gorgeous colour palette and fabric design. I regularly read her lovely blog Simplify and I have both of her books. I really enjoy seeing how many different designs that you can achieve with pre-cuts. I’m slowly working my way through Camille’s Craftsy course too and starting to get ideas and learning new techniques of speedy piecing.

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July in our courtyard garden

Our courtyard is really coming alive this summer with lots of pops of colour. I’m loving spending time tending to the plants, watering them and watching them grow everyday. Coming home after a busy day at work and pottering in the garden is one of my favourite things at the moment.

I’ve grown quite a few things this year from seed including radishes, lettuce, rocket, chillies, courgettes, potatoes, marigolds and carrots. Here’s how our courtyard garden is looking during July.

The plants are sunning themselves in our sunny corner of our courtyard, this is where most of our plants grow really well. Our metal bench is temporarily being used as a pot stand to elevate the plants off the ground to get more light and out of reach of any snails or slugs.

I’ve got three courgette plants and all are grown from seed and are starting to flower. I can’t wait to see if we get courgettes this summer. If you look closely you can see one growing already!

The chillies I grew from seed are taking shape…

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Life at the moment

Over the past few weeks I’ve been…
Smiling…from ear to ear that I’ve grown these marigolds from seed.
Enjoying…quality time with my family and with Mr C.
Loving…the city we live in. Bristol comes alive in the summer with festival upon festival, this weekend it was the Harbour Festival. Mr C and I took a ride on this big wheel enjoying the views over our city and watching the sun go down.
Listening…to a number of inspiring podcasts by Elise Blaha Cripe. Check out Elise Gets Crafty, I’ve been listening to this for a few months now and love it!
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Pre-cuts – Time to make a new quilt

One of my favourite things to do when I start a new sewing project is finding the fabric I want to use. I love searching for new fabrics, selecting my favourite prints I find, matching colour palettes and gradually adding to a collection for a project like I did with this two-sided patchwork cushion cover. The problem that I find with the process of finding and selecting the fabrics is that it can take a really long time. I think I sometimes make it harder for myself to start a project as I’ve not really mastered matching print size and colour palettes just yet and so I just sit and collect fabric, waiting until I think I have enough to make a project. I want to start making the sewing process and making projects a little more speedy, simplify it and get back on my sewing machine and get stitching.

I want to start making a proper quilt for our home and hope to create something I want to keep, display and be proud of in years to come. I’ve made a few patchwork quilts over the past few years but I have made them for friends’ babies and so gave them away and didn’t get to spend much time with the finished project. I’m planning to make a quilt for a king sized bed. I know it will be a daunting task and will be the biggest quilt I will have created to date. It will be a project that will require some real thought and discipline when I come to creating it. To help me in the process of making this quilt I’ve decided to cheat a little, instead of spending months and months searching for fabrics that match I have decided to get some help from the experts! I want to simplify the making process and start a project that allows me to have more time spent on my sewing machine and making, and less time online searching for fabric…so I’ve decided to buy into the world of fabric pre-cuts!

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Community Farmer Day

Do you sometimes feel that life seems to fly by? For me that’s just what is happening at the moment. I’ve had a number of very busy weeks at work and I am gradually getting used to dealing with the new demands and volumes of work in my job, whilst trying to have a bit of a work life balance…it has been a little tricky but I’m slowly making it work…so I’m posting something today that I wanted to write a while ago but I haven’t had the chance…


A few weeks ago I decided to take a day away from my normal weekend routine to do something completely different. I got involved in something fantastic that cleared my head, made me feel great, enabled me to spend a day outside in the fresh air and made me feel really energised at the end of it. I decided I wanted to give my time to something that I felt passionate about…I decided to become a volunteer for a day at The Community Farm.

The Community Farm in Chew Magna was set up in 2011 as an organic farm to grow yummy vegetables for organic vegetable boxes. The Community Farm “aim to reconnect people with the land where their food is grown”…one of the things letting them fulfil this are Community Farmer Days that the farm run, alongside many other community initiatives.

I have been wanting to do something different with my time and have been thinking about volunteering for a while. When I think back to what being a volunteer meant when I was younger, it was being made to go (or feel you have to go!) every week. However this was totally different, the volunteering at The Community Farm suited me perfectly, you can just sign up when you want to go using a list of dates on the website, there is no commitment to go each week which suits my lifestyle perfectly. After seeing a few email newsletters from the farm about what was going on that month I decided to sign up. Each time I read about the volunteering on the newsletter I had a gut reaction and really wanted to have a go, so I signed up with one of my best friends and the gut reaction paid off…we had a fantastic day.

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