My One Little Word for 2014 :: Embrace

My One Little Word for 2014 is Embrace…

The process of deciding on a word for the year started by writing a long list of words that spoke to me. I used lists of words people have used over the years and a list of my thoughts about how I want things to progress for me this year. Ali Edwards, the inspirational memory keeper behind the One Little Word course, says that ‘your word may find you or you may go searching for it’…

Something about writing the word EMBRACE on the list of words I had made me put a little star next to it. I felt an odd sense of warmth towards the word and felt drawn to it each time I read through my shortlist. I know that in my life so far I have relied upon and gone with my gut reaction for many things, and this type of decision making process has proved to always give me the right solution when I’ve needed to use it…so I went with EMBRACE for this year.

EMBRACE feels like a natural step forward from GROW for me. Maybe for me last year I needed to GROW, grow from a new seed, grow to find me again, and to grow new things in my life…and now it is time to EMBRACE that growth, embrace me and push forward.

The photo above was taken be me in 2006 when I started to embrace my love and passion for digital photography and looking at the macro details…there’s no manipulation with the photo, it’s just what came happened when I pressed the button. I love this image, it’s a raw expression of me and what I wanted to capture. This photo prompted me to push forward with a love of photography. Using this photo as my image for EMBRACE symbolises a few things for me and by adding my word has helped me focus on the word even more. The image for me symbolises that my favourite flower has opened, it has grown…and now it’s time to embrace to moment of being open and blooming. There may be some blurry edges but in the centre there is focus…

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A Review of my One Little Word 2013 :: Grow

Over the past year I’ve been on a journey to include GROW, my One Little Word, as a core part of my life. I wrote about using this process at the start of 2013 and mid way through the year. I will be using it once again in 2014 to help me bring certain things into my life this year because the process last year has changed me…

One Little Word, it is an online class delivered by the fabulous and inspiring Ali Edwards. Ali is a super talented memory keeper and was the first blogger to inspire me to do Project Life. Each year Ali delivers her One Little Word course about choosing a word and bringing that word into your life. Inspired by her passion and her long running course I decided in January 2013 to start a new tradition each year to follow this class. It didn’t disappoint, it brought huge change into my life.

On the first of each month Ali delivered an inspiring video chat about our focus for the month ahead with our word, and provided resources related to the journalling prompts so we could explore the word in more detail through writing, planning and getting creative.

At the start of the class we created twelve intentions for the year that I used to help shape the year ahead. The intentions I decided on for me proved a pathway for my journey through the year. I wanted to GROW. I was able to focus my thoughts on how I wanted to progress with my word during the year…instead of new year’s resolutions I used these monthly intentions for 2013…

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Taking the time to reflect :: Powerful resources to try for 2014

January is a month when many of us take on the sometimes daunting task of thinking about self-improvement. After having time to think many of us end up creating a handwritten list of resolutions for the year ahead. From experience this can work really well or you can find yourself reviewing a list the following January that you’ve forgotten about and you never get the list completed. Perhaps this year you may like to do something different to help you plan and dream for the year ahead. I’ve found some really powerful resources in the blogging community that I have used this year, and last year, that have helped me plan and shape the year ahead.

I’m a huge believer in reflection and taking time to create and cultivate a life you want to live. For many years I loved the ritual of writing resolutions in January and enjoyed the process of ticking things off the list, but somehow by the end of the year there were always a few things on the list I never managed to tackle. I decided a few years ago to find new ways to approach developing myself, making changes and reflecting on life. I made reflection something I liked to pick up every few months, by revisiting plans and keeping a focus each month. I managed to make real progress with plans and experiences I was hoping to introduce into my life, I’ve moved on from things that were blocking the process, and took a step forward towards things I really wanted in my life.
January is a hard month to start brand new things, with the short days, dark evenings and cold weather, it can be a hard time to make a fresh start. Over the years I have found that the month of September tends to be the time when I really re-think things in my life and make changes. Perhaps the change of season brings with it a natural shift in my senses, a time to shed old leaves and prepare for new ones. September is a time of the year typically associated with the start of an academic year and the start of new courses. For me this time of year has always symbolised and signalled a fresh start during most years of my life. Perhaps this is why September ends up being my favourite month of the year. A fresh start. A time to focus on developing and growing.

So what about January I hear you say! I find that January is a great time to reflect back on the things I’ve tried to start making part of my life a few months previously. By January I’ve finally managed to shed last years leaves, and start preparing in January to hunker down, hibernate and get myself ready for creating a productive set of new leaves by Spring. I tend to spend a lot of time during the month reflecting on life past, life present and hopes for the future. During the month of January I have seen the start of real change…I’ve made some of my biggest decisions that have shaped the course of the year and outcomes for the years ahead…all of these big changes I had started preparing for since September.

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2013 :: A Year in Review

Welcome to my review of 2013 on The Pink Button Tree. In my last post I mentioned that I have a number of ways to review the year, this is one of them. Alongside using my Project Life album I take time to reflect on what I have posted on my blog this year. I’ve added links to some of my posts and how to’s so you can jump back if you fancy it.

2013 brought with it my first year of real deep reflection. I used a few tools at the start of the year, I will share these with you over the next week or so. The greatest impact was having my One Little Word for 2013, I chose GROW as my word for the year and what a impact it made. I will be continuing this fantastic project by Ali Edwards and seeing what my word for 2014 brings.


We had another winter with snow and a long but pretty walk to the train station…

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