Flowers in our home – A jar of geraniums

Summer maybe drawing to a close but there is still a little time left to enjoy a few home grown blooms. I picked these heads of flowers from my seed grown geraniums and the last sweet pea flower and popped them in a jam jar on our coffee table to enjoy and brighten our home.

Finding fabric for me…in the colours I love


Recently I’ve taken some time to review my fabric collection. On closer inspection I realised that I’ve built a collection of fabrics mainly for children’s quilts and gifts and not one that truly reflects me and my tastes. Over time I have gradually added to my medium-weight cotton and linen fabric collection and I have some gorgeous fabrics but nothing that is particularly suitable to be made into a cushion or quilt for our home.

There are fabrics I have in my collection that I love and have used to make a cushion for a friend, and some of the fabrics I used to make a patchwork sewing machine cover for my Mum’s sewing machine but they are almost all used up. There are a few of the patterned fabrics I have used to make the two baby patchwork quilts that I adore but there isn’t really anything that particularly matches the colours and styles I want displayed in our home. I really felt that there is a gap in my collection that is holding me back from creating projects for our home.

We have a beautiful teal coloured sofa and snuggler seat that I spent many years searching for, they are my absolute pride and joy. I made some gorgeous piped cushions last year in a navy blue japanese waves fabric that look great on the sofa. However the sofa really could do with a few more cushions and a snuggly quilt for Mr C and I for the winter.

So after coming back from the Festival of Quilts I decided to take the plunge and start building a collection for me that I know I’ll love and happily use for projects in our home. I love the idea of combining grey, navy blue, teal and white to make patchwork cushion covers for our home.

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August in our courtyard garden

August is drawing to a close and our little courtyard garden is changing once again. Our summer plants are coming to the end of flowering and we are harvesting the few crops of tomatoes and chillis that have managed to grow. I’ve been lucky to have some success container gardening this summer. In the UK we have actually had a summer, numerous warm sunny days, not a lot of rain and so we have grown some decent sized tomatoes. Our herbs have grown well and have been used during the summer to add a little extra to our salads and dishes. Having the opportunity to regulary use our garden for impromptu barbeques with friends, a wine tasting and for relaxing with drinks after work and at weekends, has made me fall in love with our space even more.

Here are a few photos of how our courtyard has looked over the past few weeks…


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A Pinwheel quilt – Work in progress

After an inspiring trip to The Festival of Quilts I decided to kick start a new project this weekend. I have been researching how to make a quilt using triangles for a quite a while but haven’t had the chance to try it out. I decided to take my first step into triangles by making a pinwheel quilt using quarter square triangles. I looked at a video about how to make pinwheels by the Missouri Star Quilt Company to get started. It made it look so easy, and it was!

I’ve spent some time this weekend looking through my fabric stash and deciding what colours to put together. I wanted to make a multicoloured rainbow quilt as it is a present for a friends’s baby girl. I’m not too sure what the quilt will look like yet but I’ve started piecing together some pinwheels.

I’m looking forward to making a more of these over the next few weeks and will keep you posted on my progress.

Planting Alpines in Window Boxes

A few weeks ago I planted up a few new plants in my two window boxes. I wanted to get something low maintenance that will look well maintained.


I decided to buy six small alpine plants all different shapes and colours to add a bit of character and something a little different. I love the shapes of the leaves and the colours against the lead-look planters.

To plant up the window boxes I added some fresh soil in the containers before I planted the alpines, I added some slow release plant food and a few water retaining crystals. I spent time arranging the alpines to balance the colours and shapes. I planted them up and then gave them a good watering.


I’m looking forward to seeing these alpines grow gradually and seeing a few of them flower.

Inspired by…The Festival of Quilts 2013

Last week I headed off to The Festival of Quilts at the NEC with a few work buddies. The whole event was really inspiring and it got me so excited about my fabric and crafty stash once more. The Festival of Quilts is ‘the ultimate patchwork and quilting experience’ and it didn’t fail to impress. Three halls in the NEC were full to the brim of quilts, fabric and supplies to buy.

There were hundreds of quilts on display ranging from fine art quilts, contemporary quilts, traditional quilts, pictorial quilts and the impressive miniature quilts. I spent around 3 hours looking at the quilts while I was there. I was so impressed at the amount of work that had gone into every single one. I couldn’t imagine how long these talented quilters had spent dreaming up their designs, cutting the fabric, piecing it together and then quilting and adding embroidery. Here are a few of my favourite details and parts of quilts that I saw. Unfortunately in my excitement I didn’t make notes of all of the names of the quilts and who made them!

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How to Make a Ribbon Rosette

Ribbon rosettes are a simple and easy accessory to make. All you need is some ribbon, pinking shears, a needle and thread, and a button. These rosettes were made for a Handmade Hen Party that I helped organise. These ribbon rosettes look great worn on a jacket or cardigan like a brooch, or as a pretty addition pinned to a bag. You can raid your ribbon stash to see what you have or buy a few lengths of ribbon to make a special project. These ribbon rosettes were made as brooches that matched a wedding colour theme of purple, sage green and lemon yellow.

To make your own ribbon rosette follow these simple steps.

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