How to make coasters from wall tiles

Earlier this year I bought some gorgeous blue and white wall tiles. I instantly fell in love with them and bought eight in total, getting two of each pattern.

I was inspired by an image of tiles I had seen in a magazine article about a Moroccan home interior. I really liked the way they combined a terracotta wall and coloured floor tiles. Mr C and I have a terracotta and white lounge and adding blue into the mix seemed to really work.

The tiles were bought specifically to be used as coasters so we could add some colour and pattern to our coffee table. We have carefully used these raw bottomed wall tiles on our coffee table, but I have really wanted to use them on our dining room table. I was worried about the damage they may do to the table, however after some searching I found a solution, small felt sticky tabs! I converted the tiles to coasters for a few pounds by adding sticky tabs to each the corners on the back of the tiles.

I now have some pretty tile coasters that can be used to add pattern and colour to any of our surfaces without adding scratches!

Green crops

Winter feels like it is definitely on its way. Today we have clear skies and bright sunshine, along with a fresh crisp breeze. This morning I spent a few minutes in the garden seeing how my plants were settling in after the planting I did last weekend. Everything was looking good however I realised that I hadn’t harvested the rest of my ‘crops’. The air temperature dropped to the lowest it has been in quite sometime last night. I thought that it would be best to pick the final few crops left in the garden and make use of them before the weather gets too cold and kills them off. I’m pleased to show you a few more things that I managed to grow this year.

Two green peppers…

a handful of small green chillis…

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October in our garden

Spending time in the garden during October involves getting the garden tidy before winter and preparing the garden for spring. I spent most of this weekend tidying up the garden, sweeping up leaves, planting bulbs, restocking the bird feeder, adding new plants to my window boxes and rearranging a few things before the winter kicks in.
I emptied my window boxes, keeping the geraniums and planting them into small pots to keep over winter in my cold frame greenhouse. In their place I planted red cyclamen and ivy into my window boxes, creating the same arrangement for each front windowsill. These new plants will hopefully last into the new year and add a bit of colour during the grey and dreary months ahead.
I love the combination of delicate cyclamen flowers and the trailing ivy. They are so pretty!
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Making a cushion

Making your own cushion is such a great way to practice a number of sewing techniques and add something unique to your home. A few months ago a good friend of mine moved into a beautiful furnished flat, decorated in a stylish black and white theme. The flat being furnished meant that my friend didn’t have a lot of opportunity to add a bit of her style to the flat. Gradually an orange footstool, an orange rug and an orange throw were added to make the flat feel more like home, adding a touch of her style to the front room.

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How to make sloe gin

Sloe gin is one of my favourite winter tipples, it has such a sweet taste and a fantastic deep pink colour when the liqueur is made. To make your own sloe gin in time to enjoy during the winter you need to start early! I know we are quite a few weeks away from Christmas but to get Sloe gin to be ready in time for then you need to start now. Making sloe gin requires patience and time so the flavours mix and to allow the drink to reach perfection. I’m hoping to use the homemade sloe gin as small gifts for friends and family, it’s a great excuse to search for some pretty bottles and create handmade labels using my stamps.

Mr C and I went foraging for sloe berries during the middle of September on a walk in the countryside so hopefully there may still be berries around that you can pick now. You need to look out for berries on the blackthorn tree, they tend to grow in hedgerows. When you get home from picking your sloes I’d recommend putting them in a freezer bag in the freezer until you have all the things you need to make your own sloe gin. They say that you should pick sloes after the first frost but the freezer does a great job instead.
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A walk in the countryside: Chew Magna


In mid-September Mr C and I went on a country walk with friends. Living in Bristol we are lucky to be a short drive away from a number of great places to visit. We decided to take walk from Chew Magna to Chew Valley Lake and back again. We wanted to combine the walk with catching up with friends, a pub lunch and the chance to pick blackberries on the walk and hopefully sloes if we could find them. I bought Mr C a handy little book, Food For Free, last Christmas and we took with us as it fitted perfectly in Mr C’s back pocket of his trousers.

The weather was perfect for a walk, cloudy at first and later on the clouds broke to deliver a little bit of sunshine.  It took us only about 30 minutes on our walk to stumble on a bountiful crop of berries. At first we started to collect blackberries…

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Handmade Mr and Mr card


One of my close friends from university married the love of his life this September. Before the big day I spent a week or so trying to find a card to celebrate their marriage but I couldn’t find one that I really wanted to give. The range of Mr and Mr marriage celebration cards is so very small, so I decided to make one using my paper stash.


I looked for colours that I knew that they both liked and this formed the main inspiration for the card. I wanted something simple but bold. Using pinking shears I cut a rectangle of striped orange and white paper to form the background. I used my clear stamps and silver ink to create the Mr & Mr message on white card and mounted the message on blue paper. I finished the card off by adding a wooden heart button and a thin piece of off white ribbon. It was a really quick project and only took me about 20 minutes to make this card…it took me longer to write the message that was inside the card!
On their big day I felt a huge sense of pleasure adding my handmade card to the pile of cards to celebrate their special day.