Photography :: my summer photo collage

I take a camera everywhere I go, whether it’s my iPhone, my trusty compact Canon S95, the more beefy Nikon D80 or my newest addition my Diana F+, I am always looking to capture photos to document what I have been up to. I have photo albums full of photos I took at university with my Pentax film camera and have thousands of digital photos stored on my external hard drive from the years since graduating. I love looking back at the trips I’ve taken, special times with friends and sometimes those odd days out where I’ve spotted something I like and snapped a quick photo. I’m a real amateur when it comes to taking photos, sometimes I follow the ‘rules’ and sometimes I don’t, I just love capturing the moment.

I struggle to find the time and the desire to upload all my images to Flickr or print out my favourite photos to display at home. I find it so hard to choose what to photos to use, but I know I need to start printing out special photos and putting them on display at home soon. To kick start displaying my photos more regularly I’ve decided to create a monthly round up of a few photos I’ve taken. Here are a few Instagram photos taken this summer that I haven’t yet shared with you. It’s just a little insight into things that make me tick and what I’ve been up to. I plan to do this each month as a record of some of my adventures during the year and remind myself what I’ve been doing! I hope you enjoy…

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Rainy summer days

Most places in England have been experiencing a very wet summer over the past few months. Grey clouds, heavy rain and blustery wind have outnumbered the dry sunny days where I live. The one thing that brightens the rainy days for me is the opportunity to use my favourite red and white Cath Kidston spotty brolly. I love the wooden handle and its cheery bright pattern, it cheers up a rainy walk to the train station.

The rain has been great for the garden as I’ve hardly needed to water the plants, however the downside has been the continual battle with the many slugs and snails.┬áHere’s an insight into how our courtyard garden is doing this summer…

I’m waiting patiently for the tomatoes to grow. Small flowers have started to form however with the combination of the lack of sunshine and warmth they haven’t done very well so far.

The mixed lettuce bolted and the bumper crop has given us endless salad leaves perfect for creating quick tasty meals.

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How to make a patchwork quilt

A few months ago I made a quilt as a gift for special friends who were having a baby (see my post from July, Handmade and stitched with love – My first quilt). I set myself a challenge to learn new sewing skills and to make my first quilt. It would be the largest sewing project I had made to date (approximately 41in by 41in) and would be one of the most enjoyable projects I had ever undertaken! I was delighted with the finished quilt and I wanted to share with you how I created the patchwork quilt from start to finish. I hope that you will get an insight into how to make a quilt in the steps below and maybe have the confidence to make one yourself! I’ll show you a few helpful tips on getting straight lines when you quilt, a great tip when securing binding and also how to make a lovely personalised label for your quilt too.

I am a beginner quilt maker so I have done my best to summarise how to make a patchwork quilt using what I learnt during this project. I used The Quilter’s Bible by Linda Clements and videos on YouTube created by the Missouri Star Quilt Company to give me confidence to start.

Here are my step by step instructions on how to make a patchwork quilt…

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