Review of my Winter Manifesto 2018

Winter Manifesto

We’re mid-March and had snow falling around us again last weekend and this weekend we have beautiful golden sunlight and warmth. Part of me still wants to give in to the desire to hunker down and snuggle under blankets, and the other part to awaken and put into action plans I’ve been making. In a way echoing how nature is being at the moment. I felt a definite switch in my energy during the middle of March and with the start of astronomical spring this week I feel rejuvenated and ready to share. Over the past two years I’ve been creating seasonal manifestos […]

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My Autumn Manifesto 2017 :: Reflections

Look up at Autumn

I don’t know about you but the autumnal months moved at such a pace and with the days feeling short this year I really noticed and felt the lack of light. The run up to the festive break whizzed by for me as I finished up projects in my day job for the year. I feel good and ready to start the new year with gusto with new foundations in place. I’m sitting here late December, finishing writing this not at a desk but on my bed with non-Christmas music playing (it’s Snow Patrol’s A Hundred Million Suns album, an oldie […]

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My Autumn Manifesto 2017

Tree in Autumn

Each season I write a manifesto and share this here in some way, whether it be the manifesto for the season ahead or a reflection of the manifesto for the season just gone. Writing a manifesto enables me to declare my intentions for the season ahead, to think about what I plan to bring into my life, and how I want to connect to nature and the season I am living in. A manifesto adds a layer of appreciation to the small things in my day to day and enables me to connect closer to the familiar cycles of the seasons. I use inspiration and cues […]

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My Summer Manifesto 2017 :: Reflections

Summer daisies

  It feels a little odd publishing a post about my Summer Manifesto as the leaves are turning and we are firmly into Autumn. Having drafted this post during September I clicked save, forgot to share and mentally moved forwards. I wanted to share this with you today rather than leave it behind. For me, creating manifestos are about noticing how intentions change each season and what I can do when I have a set of statements to turn to. It’s about seeing the journey that I’ve taken, how intentions can shape the season and uncovering those manifestos at the end of […]

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Urban Gardening :: Our summer of gardening projects

Giant Sunflower

  Autumn is here and as my favourite season starts, the plants finish blossoming and the tasks to complete in the garden slow down, I wanted to look back and share with you our summer of projects in our small urban garden. Earlier in the year I decided that it was the year to make our outdoor space more productive and for the space we have to to look better so we would spend more time outside in it. It felt like a special way for me to personally link to my word of the year, Thrive, and to allow our urban […]

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Life at the moment :: Summer

Durdle Door

  It’s been just over two months since I have shared in this space. The summer has felt like it has come, gone, and come back again just in time for the August bank holiday weekend! As we near the end of the summer my heart drifts back to this space to share my musings once again. Life at the moment over the summer months has felt like it has been shaped by my job change and my day to day routine looking a little different. It has taken time to adjust to the new pace of my week, the fullness […]

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Capturing the Details :: Spring – Mapping my journey of change through images


  Discovering life from a different view point can be refreshing. Getting up close with the detail and taking a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day to capture the details, is my way of creating space for me and allows me to spend time being creative. Photography is my way of making a mindful moment in my day and is one of my passion projects that has been part of my life for many years. Many of these images have been captured in our small urban garden over the past few months and others have been captured […]

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My Spring Manifesto 2017 :: Reflections


Last year I started a process of writing a manifesto for each season. Living with a manifesto added a layer of appreciation to the small things in my day to day and gave me the opportunity for more focus.  The comfort and familiar cycles of the seasons shaped the year and I began to take more inspiration and cues from nature around me, bringing with it a more considered pace and focus into my life. I started to notice more and felt that I was living life in a more wholesome and wholehearted way. Every season sees a shift, from changes in the weather […]

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Life at the moment :: Musings from February and March

Juno in February

It has taken until this week to feel ready to write…how can I explain this most recent break from this space?…I thought best by telling you a few updates from me…Part of my own mindful practice is to appreciate what I have been doing each month, to document life where I can through photos to capture my memories, and to reflect on my thoughts and feelings through my ‘life at the moment’ musings. The past few months have seen some lows and big highs and I’ve needed a break from the digital space…I’m taking a step forwards to being back here to share […]

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Capturing the details :: Winter


  I love cultivating and living a creative and wholesome life through the seasons. As part of my winter manifesto I wanted to capture the details of winter, and for me this has meant getting outside and braving the cold weather. Over the past few months I’ve spent time reconnecting with my love of photography and plants. Photography is a way for me to be creative, to notice the details of the season, and to capture the moment. I love trying to see things from a different angle or perspective and sometimes use these prompts from nature to think more creatively. […]

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